Friday, April 12, 2013

I {heart} Garage Sales!

Despite needing to focus on a term paper today, I decided to take a couple of hours to stop by a few garage sales.  I have been searching Craigslist for a few items, plus I'm in the market for baby supplies and garage sales seemed like they might offer better prices.  I struck out at most of the ones I stopped at, but at one I got lucky!  Tons of baby clothes and accessories!  I was thrilled!  The only negative was that the multiple families who were selling items clearly did not get together to price items, but simply priced them on their own.  This meant that I would find a cute outfit for fifty cents or less and the next one on the rack would be a similar item priced at three dollars.  Just a little pet peeve of mine, can't you tell? :)

But...I came home with a Halo sleep sack, another sleep sack, a cloth diaper liner (random, I know), a bottle, an accessory rack for the dishwasher, a newborn hat, mitts, a pair of adorable pants, and a mirror for the back seat of the car for (drum roll, please)...less than two dollars!  The total was $1.70 to be exact.  I love being frugal!  And the Bean is going to look so cute!

I'm definitely planning to go back tomorrow late afternoon and see if they are willing to make deals on what is left!  Wish me luck!

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