Sunday, April 7, 2013

Super Weekend Part 2: Mommy-time!

The best part of my shopping weekend was the REdiaper sale at Circle Me.  I had driven by Circle Me about twice a day on my way home during my first two years of grad school; every time I wondered what the place actually was because the sign said something like Natural Parenting and Cloth Diapering.  From the location of the store, it wasn't obvious that it is a retail store.

Now that I'm a mommy in-training, I have a vested interest in finding out more about the baby stores in my area.  And one of the big decisions to be made as a mommy in-training is cloth versus disposable diapering.  I've given the decision a lot of thought because there's a part of me that wants the convenience of disposable diapers especially considering the crazy, busy life of a grad student, but there's also a part of me that hates the idea of all those diapers going in the trash.  (I hate trash.)  And, I hate the idea of spending SO much money on disposable diapers every single week.  Plus, some cloth diapering advocates suggest that potty training can be easier.  

In my research, I found that there are multiple types of cloth diapers and diapering terms.  

one-size fits all, 
pocket diapers, 
all-in-one diapers, 
all-in-two diapers, 
diaper pins, 
fitted diapers, 
hybrid diapers, 

The list goes on...How overwhelming!  How I am supposed to choose a type of diaper?  How will I be able to understand all of these terms and what they might mean for me?  I've talked to a few friends that use cloth diapers and all of them rave about it.  One of my friends highly recommended FuzziBunz, and I've read lots of positive reviews online about BumGenius.  

So, my husband and I have decided to use both disposable and cloth diapers.  While I know that using cloth diapers will, in the long-term, much less expensive than using disposable diapers, I have been doing some stocking up on disposables using coupons and checking out cloth options.  Most cloth options are around $20 each, which makes for a sizable investment in cloth diapering.  I'm not sure I'm ready to make that kind of investment in case we decide that cloth isn't for us later down the road.  I've been watching Craigslist and such for good deals on used cloth diapers.

That is where the REdiaper sale at CircleMe came in; the store hosts a consignment sale for cloth diapers and other 'natural' parenting supplies.  And even better, the last hour of the sale was half-price hour!  The only decision I really had made going into the sale was that I wanted one-size diapers so that I do not have to purchase them again and again as the Bean grows.  Beyond that I wanted to look for FuzziBunz since they had been recommended to me.  I found one=sizers, but no FBs.  And what great deals!  

I bought some one-size BumGenius diapers, a Grovia all-in-2 one-size diaper, a small printed diaper, and a farm animals wet bag for just $20!   What a steal!  

To top it off, I picked up some newer FuzziBunz diapers off of Craigslist!  So the final count is 9 cloth diapers all for less than half the regular price!  I'd also like to pick up some from Baby Beduga, which is a company started by a mom in Wyoming who sells for $7-$9 per diaper.  The reviews I've read online all say that the quality is similar to the other name brands.  Plus, I just adore the cow print and lion print.  I'd love to hear from any moms who have used Baby Beduga or have any other suggestions.

And my other question for cloth diapering mommies is: What's the best way to organize?

Let the cloth diapering begin!


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