Sunday, April 7, 2013

Super Cereal Weekend

This week was a great week for stocking up on a few things!

My first stop was CVS, which is a new favorite store.  The first time I went into a CVS, I admit that I was rather unimpressed.  And to be honest, I still like the set up of Walgreens better, but CVS has amazing deals and their rewards system is much more straightforward than Walgreens'.  This week's CVS purchases were few, but such a great deal!

1 Almay i-color shadow @ $5.99
1 Almay i-color mascara @ $5.99
1 Wet n Wild nail polish (pretty pink for spring!) @ $.99

Which would have been $12.97 without coupons, but add on:

$4/12 CRT coupon from the magic red coupon machine inside CVS

Making it $3.97 out of pocket, but I used some rewards bucks to pay for most of it, so I actually paid $.65.  (Yes, exactly sixty-five cents in change.)  And I got $3 in extra bucks back making the cost of the 3 items about $.33 each!

Yay for CVS!

Target also had a few great deals for me this week.

I found some Dove men's body was on clearance for $3.81, plus a $1 off Target coupon, a repackaged Maybelline eye shadow priced at $1.91, which was free after $2.50 in coupons, but the best deal for the week were the Axe products.  It seems like Axe products are rarely on sale, but that's what my husband likes to use.  This week deodorant was on sale for $3.49 and body spray was on sale for $3.14 (only his scent, oddly).  I paired a Target coupon and a printable coupon to get $1 off of each, so I was able to stock him up for awhile!

Hyvee may have been my favorite store this week.  I love cereal!  Seriously, I think I could live on cereal, and Hyvee had an awesome deal on cereal this week!  I took my extreme couponing seriously and made an exact list, even splitting things into separate transactions to take best advantage of the savings!  I got a surprise when I went into the midtown Hyvee instead of my normal store and found that it had some extra sale prices on the cereal I wanted.  I also bought some produce that was on sale, so it was a very productive trip.  I also got to use my new favorite couponing app called Endorse.  If you haven't checked it out yet, you definitely should.  I also use Ibotta, but I have found that Endorse is much easier to use.  After I buy paper towels this next week (and get 30% back from the app), I'm planning to cash out for my first payment through PayPal.  Yay!  But, back to Hyvee . . .

Over 3 transactions, I bought over $50 worth of breakfast food for just under $13!  The haul included
  • 4 Rice Krispies (~$1.17 each) 
  • 3 Cocoa Puffs  (~$.38 each)
  • 2 Cheerios (~$.67 each)
  • 1 Honey Nut Cheerios (~$.98)
  • 2 Multigrain Cheerios (~$.73 each)
  • 4 Apple Cinnamon Cheerios  (~$1.06 each)
  • 1 box of Sunbelt Granola Bars (free)

That's 16 boxes of cereal for less than $.80 per box!  My cereal stockpile is officially full.  I may have to start finding more places for my stockpile!  

But that's not all . . .Mommy In-Training post coming soon!

Happy Couponing!


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