Wednesday, April 10, 2013

30-Day Housecleaning Challenge - Day 9

I intended to post this last night, but the little bean decided we needed to sleep more, and I fell asleep with this post up on my laptop.

Today was Day 9 of the 30-Day Housecleaning Challenge from Money Saving Mom.  The task for today was to surface clean bedrooms.  Lucky for me, we only use two rooms as bedrooms currently and the nursery is in progress, so there's no hope for cleaning in there yet.

The guest bedroom is pretty much always in "ready" condition, so all I did there was dust the nightstand...and done.

The master bedroom is another story.  As I've mentioned, we are in the process of putting together a nursery and so some of the furniture that we are selling, refinishing, or deciding the fate of is temporary sitting in the master bedroom.  One of my goals this week is to get the "to sell" items on Craigslist.  

Since the master looks like a disaster, part of me wanted to just skip it altogether, but I made myself work on it.  

Surface cleaning the room included putting random items away or finding homes for them, dusting, and surface organizing the closet.  I also went through my shoe basket looking for shoes that should go to a new home, but only found one pair.  Guess that means that I like and wear all of my shoes, right?  



Before: There's one of our puppies, Namara, supervising. 


Time to deep clean the living room!


  1. I like your closet under the eaves--makes good use of small space!

  2. Thanks! :) It's awesome because it is really deep; my only problem is that I can't hang long dresses or standard sized closet organizers in there. (Which is why I use laundry baskets for things like shoes.)

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