Monday, April 22, 2013

30-Day Housecleaning Challenge - Day 22

As the semester continues, I am finding that even devoting 15 minutes to cleaning everyday is a bit difficult as I'm desperately trying to focus on and write four 20+ page term papers.  Today we chose from a few tasks, so I picked to surface clean the living room and kitchen.  Given that one of my papers is due tomorrow (ahhh!), I literally set the timer for 15 minutes and did what I could in that time.  

Embarrassing Before!


My 15 minutes became 25 minutes when I started vacuuming and did not hear the timer go off.  Oops!  At least the dog hair is gone from the floor and couches now!  

Unfortunately, things were in such a disarray that other than loading and starting the dishwasher, I didn't get much cleaned up in the kitchen.  If I finish my paper at a decent time tonight, I'll finish surface cleaning the kitchen.  If not, then the Bean and I will be going straight to bed!  

On a side note, when is spring going to get here?  

How did you do on the challenge for today?  What are your goals for this week?

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