Saturday, April 20, 2013

Weekend Haul of Frugal Finds

As we get ready for the Bean to arrive this summer, I've been trying to stock up on both normal essentials as well as baby essentials.  I imagine that shopping will be the last thing I have time for once the Bean is here.  

Thanks to my Favorite Couponing Blogs, I've been able to find some great deals on easily stocked items like toothpaste and cereal.  This weekend, my couponing happened to focus on baby essentials, and I was able to add to my small stockpile of baby wipes and add some diaper cream as well from Target.  I also found a great area rug on clearance and curtains ($8.88 per panel!) on super sale at ShopKo for our living room.  '

Last, but not least, I was able to grab a couple more cloth diapers (to add to my stock) and a sleep sack at a garage sale sale that was shutting down for the weekend.  I was reading the guest post over at Money Saving Mom about stockpiling kids clothes through garage sales.  I love the idea because I love garage sales!  The one tip I've learned about garage sale shopping after years and years of going around each weekend with my mom or grandma is to offer slightly lower than you are willing to pay so that there is room for the seller to meet you in the middle.  

I also noticed some comments on the post about apps that will map the garage sale listings on Craigslist, which I'm planning to try out in the next couple of weeks and will review here.  

My Weekend Haul

1 Mohawk area rug (reg. $249.99) - On clearance at $62
4 Energy efficient curtains (reg. $19.99) - On sale at $8.88
4 Huggies wipes (reg. $2.39) - $0.50 each
2 Pampers wipes (reg. $2.39) - $1.00 each
2 Desitin tubes (reg. $3.59) - $2.00 each
2 cloth diapers (reg. ~$20) - $2.50 each
1 sleep sack (reg. ~$15) - $1.00

Total Paid       $111.52
Total Saved    $295.95

And how adorable is this little cowprint diaper!?!?

All pictured for $14, regularly ~$76.
So far I have just over $56 on 11 cloth diapers and accessories (i.e. wet bag & extra inserts), which is an average of $4.96 per diaper!  I love being frugal!  I just hope we like this cloth diapering thing.  If not, at least we haven't invested much!

Tomorrow I'm headed to a big consignment sale (last day = 1/2 price day) and "shopping" at a friend's who wants to regift a bunch of her baby stuff.  To me!  

Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!  Should be a great day with church, bargaining, and finishing up term papers.

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