Friday, April 12, 2013

30-Day Housecleaning Challenge - Slacking on Day 12

Today for the 30-Day Housecleaning Challenge hosted by Money Saving Mom,  the task was to clean out closets.  For me, however, today was focused on a term paper for one of my last PhD classes ever, so I only got one closet cleaned.

The closet below is in the nursery, but since we live in such an old house with weird closets, it is currently used for my husband's small dresser, a few clothes I don't wear often, and new baby clothes we have received.  It's definitely a multipurpose closet.  The goal is to move all of my clothes elsewhere to make room for baby stuff!  I was able to put a few items in my donate/sell pile and otherwise reorganized the remaining items.  It's not perfect, but better than before, and it took less than 10 minutes!

Housecleaning Challenge
Housecleaning Challenge

On Day 8, I mentioned a new experiment for dealing with dog-related carpet odors.  I tested the vinegar and water method on a few areas then, and overall, I think it was a success.  I can smell the vinegar once in awhile, but not the puppy smells, so I call that effective.  Today I rolled out the method in the hallways and office where we've seemed to have the most issues.  I feel like there's a good chance my spot cleaning missed a few areas, thus the mass carpet cleaning.  I used my usual carpet shampoo with a bit of Nature's Miracle and a bit of vinegar in the detergent container and then a mixture of half very hot water and half vinegar in the water container of our carpet shampooer.  Shampooing and rinsing using the shampooer took much less time than getting down on my hands and knees trying to do spot cleaning.  The carpets are still drying, but I'm interested to see if the vinegar worked as a long-term solution to the odor problem.  I will likely sprinkle some baking soda and Glade Carpet Power (which smells fantastic) after everything has dried completely.  

Yesterday for Day 11, I only had to do minimal cleaning in the bathroom as they still looked great from a few days ago!  I was so excited!

With the end of the semester coming up and my in-laws coming over for Sunday dinner, I'm planning to continue the challenge through the weekend.  

If you missed any of my previous adventures during this 30-Day Challenge, you can check them out here:


  1. Great job on the closet..looks very organized!


  2. Melinda,

    Thanks! I'll be reorganizing soon before our little one comes, but at least the closet looks nice for now!

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