Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Golden Birthday

I took last weekend off from work and blogging for my birthday, so now I'm completely behind on both, but that's normal, right?

On Friday, my grad school department threw my husband and I a baby shower!  My parents and sister drove six hours from Oklahoma for it, too.  Both grandmas have been busy!  My mom and sister made an amazing quilt to match the nursery (and bumper pads coming soon), and my mother-in-law made a pretty white afghan that I think will be perfect for the Bean's baptism.  Other favorites include a swing (cute and functional) and the softest stuffed cow I could even imagine.  We are so blessed!  

My golden birthday was on Saturday.  27 on the 27th!  My incredible husband surprised not only me, but also my mom and sister with mani-pedi appointments that morning, which was awesome!  I just realized last week that I can no longer reach my toes well enough to paint them myself and had just informed him a couple days before that I would need his help.  The morning of pampering was so relaxing, and it was extra fun to have my mom and sister there, too!  (It was also when I realized that my wedding ring doesn't fit anymore as I tried to take it off before the paraffin hand treatment; it's now on a necklace and my finger feels naked.)

That evening my in-laws drove in and the whole family went out to eat Mexican at El Potrero in the trendy little area called the Haymarket.  Yum!!  It is so interesting to be the linchpin that brings two families together and to watch them interact with each other as they figure each other out.  It was a delicious dinner (even if the service was less than desirable), and we finished up with cake cones!  My favorite!  

After a fantastic birthday day, there was one more surprise in store for me.  I had assumed that the mani-pedi was my birthday gift from my husband, and I was thrilled with it!  I was wrong.  He also surprised me with an incredibly generous gift - the camera I had been wanting!  For years now, I have been trying to convince myself to splurge on a DSLR camera.  My non-digital (aka film) SLR is still much loved, but just not realistic considering how many photos I want to take.  So, my husband gifted me with a Canon T3i, exactly what I wanted!  Lucky for me, the lenses I owned for my film SLR actually work on the digital version.

Next on my list to save for is a fixed 50mm lens for taking picture of the Bean when he arrives!

In the meantime, my mom was kind enough to take some informal maternity photos in our backyard on Sunday before they had to leave.

Impromptu after dinner photo :)

My favorite (except that my ring doesn't fit right now)

Hopefully by the end of the week, my posts will include photos with my new camera as soon as the giant, fancy memory cards arrives!

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