Thursday, April 4, 2013

30-Day House Cleaning Challenge

One my favorite blogs to follow, Money Saving Mom, has been participating in a 30-Day House Cleaning Challenge for April.  

Each day I read her suggested cleaning task for the day, and I think, I should definitely do this challenge!  My house and my life could use a more structured cleaning plan.  :-)

Here's the original plan from Fresh & Organized:

However. . . 

I'm behind.  I read MSM's post each day about her task plan and suggestions, but the problem is that I read in the morning or while I'm at school, and by the time I get home, I have other things on my mind.  

This morning I started with Day/Project #1 - living room surface cleaning.  When I left the house this morning, my living room looked great, and I felt great about it!  We will see what ruckus my puppies have caused when I get home, but hopefully that one room will remain looking decent for the rest of the week!  (A girl can always hope, right?)

With that said, I'd love any suggestions on keeping up with dog hair (two of my three dogs shed like crazy), especially with wood floors.  Thanks in advance!  

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