Wednesday, May 15, 2013

35 Weeks Preggers

I'm near the end of my 35th week of pregnancy, and I can't believe that we are just about a month from our due date!

Today I will get the tDap vaccine as recommended by our pediatrician.  Remember all of the whooping cough commercials for the vaccine?  Yep, that's the one.  According to our OBGYN's office, the ideal time to get the vaccine is between 27 and 36 weeks, so I will barely come in under the wire on that one.  

How Mommy Feels:

I feel great, but crowded on the inside.  I definitely am feeling like there is just no room for this baby to grow any bigger, and with him moving constantly, I'm constantly reminded of how crowded I am.  I think I will miss feeling him move once he arrives though.  With the increased temperature outside, my feet and legs are feeling swelled, though externally I can't really notice a huge difference when I look down.  I'm getting more and more excited to meet the little Bean, but I'm also feeling stressed about getting everything done in time for his arrival (both baby-related tasks and school-related tasks).  I guess I'm feeling nervous as well - that everything with the birth goes right, that the Bean comes out healthy and strong, that I will do the right things as a mom, etc.

How Daddy Feels:

Daddy is not nervous.  He is confident in our parenting abilities and that everything will come out fine.  He is a bit concerned about having everything done before the little guy arrives.  Mostly though, Daddy is just excited.  He finished the crib and the dresser for the nursery, so he only has the toy chest left to sand and repaint.  

What the Bean is Doing:

The Bean is moving A LOT.  At our last doctor's visit, the doctor indicated that he is head down now, which is great because he had been laying transverse across my stomach, so he is getting ready for the big day, too!  The doctor also guessed that he is at approximately 5 pounds right now.  With 5 weeks left and an expected weight gain of a half pound each week, the current estimate for birth weight is around 7.5 pounds.  I must admit that 7.5 pounds sounds great, and I'm hoping it is correct.  I was/am expecting a bigger baby because even though I was only 7 lbs 6 oz, my sister was 9 lbs 2 oz and my husband was over 8 lbs as a twin!  

Nursery Update:

The crib refinishing is done and it is assembled!  The dresser is painted, but we still need to purchase new hardware for the drawers, so it is empty for now.  All of the Bean's clothes (through the 3-6 month sizes), blankets, cloth diapers, and other "stuff" has been washed in the special, super duper baby detergent.  You can see my post from last week on the nursery update here.

Hospital Bag:

In progress.  The Bean's bag is packed, mostly.  All of my stuff (except for the kitchen sink) is sitting out ready to be packed, and the Daddy bag will come last.  Since we are traveling out of state for my sister's college graduation this weekend, all of the bags will be ready and going with us...just in case.

35 Weeks

35 Weeks Pregnant

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