Monday, May 6, 2013

Goal Failures & Moving On...

Well, finals week is over and now I'm just left with grading!  My last semester of taking classes in grad school is over.  Yay!  Now it's time to focus on research projects and starting my comprehensive paper and dissertation.  Yikes.  Before that, however, I want to focus on family stuff this week.  

But before I get into this week's goals, let's see how last week's goals went.

Update on Goals for 4/30

1.       Conduct 3 research interviews. - Nope
2.       Complete public policy term paper.  - SO CLOSE!
3.       Transcribe completed interviews. - Nope.
4.       Grade final projects & final exams. - In progress.
5.       Complete channels term paper. - Done!

Wonder Wife-in-Training
6.       Complete 1 project around the house - entry nook. - In progress.
7.       Go through 5 MORE boxes in the basement and add to the 'get rid of' pile. - Nope.
8.       Donate to Goodwill. - Loaded, but needs dropped off.
9.       Continue MSM's 30-Day Housecleaning Challenge and begin MSM's Clutter Busting Challenge

10.    Complete 1 planning for baby project - homemade cloth wipes.  -  Nope

Wow, what did I do last week?!  That's just embarrassing!

This Week's Goals 

1.       Conduct 3 research interviews. 
2.       Complete public policy term paper.
3.       Transcribe completed interviews. 
4.       Finish grading final projects and final exams.

(If you are a parent of a child 12 or younger and would be interested in taking a few surveys per year for academic marketing research, please let me know!)

Wonder Wife-in-Training
5.       Pay off some debt. 
6.       Change my name to my married name.  (I'm lazy, I know.)
7.       Donate to Goodwill. 
8.       Continue MSM's Clutter Busting Challenge.

9.      Pack the "go" bag for the hospital.
10.    Complete 1 planning for baby project - homemade cloth wipes.  

How did your weekly goals go?  If you are participating in the 30-Day Clutter Busting Challenge, were you up to the challenge?  

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