Friday, May 3, 2013

Weekly Grocery Deals: Part I

Last weekend, my mom, sister, and I did a huge run at CVS to stock up on diapers, lotion, hair dye, etc.  My receipt is currently missing or I would post the run down.  But, between the 3 of us, we got 9 jumbo packs up Huggies diapers @ $4.16 each!  I also picked up some Curel lotion since we use it up so quickly around here @ $4.36 each along with hair dye and some other random items that were sale + CVS scanner coupons + manufacturer's coupon deals!  I now have about $37 in extra bucks to spend in the next month, but I'm guessing I'll find some decent deals in the next few weeks that will take care of those quickly!

Tonight, I went on the first of two grocery runs for the week.  I've been experimenting with the best way to organize my list and coupons so that I don't get surprised when the total comes up.  Today's method was a failure.  I definitely need to actually know the total I'm expecting instead of just knowing prices and coupons.  I'm pretty sure I missed out on $2 of coupons, but my Target receipt is so hard to read, so I'm not entirely sure!  Oops!

Well, here's the breakdown:

Target - 62% Savings

6 pasta noodles @  $.67
2 pasta sauces @  $.50
1 Shout stain remover @  $.74
3 225 ct Ziplocs @  $3.07
4 Glade candles @  $.49
1 package celery @  $.77
5 bananas @  $.04 

There may even be an opportunity to get more back if the Endorse app accepts the Glade products as air freshener!  (If you've tried Ibotta, you will love Endorse - no restrictions on stores, offers that aren't brand specific = awesomeness!  Try it!)  

The best find at Target, however, was not a couponing deal, it was just a clearance deal!  One of the must haves for my hospital bag (and my life for the foreseeable future) is nursing bras.  Not the most exciting thing, but I've read good things about the ones and Target, so I figured I would check them out.  I had simply intended for today to be day for researching prices and fully intended to go back to buy them, but as I was finishing up scoping prices out, I decided to browse the clearance section...just in case.  Lucky me, I found a single nursing bra on clearance for $5.81 (regularly $16.99) and it was my size!  Obviously the one will not be my only purchase, but I was super excited to find such an amazing deal!

Super Saver - ~65% savings

Deal Highlights were:

4 Velveeta skillet mixes @  $.28
2 Planter's peanut butter @  $1.68
1 Orowheat bread @  $2.48
4 Cocoa Pebbles @  $.75
2 Johnsonville brats packages @  $2.98
10 Kraft shredded/chunk cheese @  $.98

Yes, we eat a lot of cheese, so I have to stock up on it when I can!  I've never tried the Velveeta skillet mixes, so I'm interested to see how those are, but for 28 cents each, they will be great, right!?  Plus, with the Bean on the way, it will be nice to have some nearly pre-made dinner options.  And I always have to add to the cereal stockpile when the price is right!  If only I had a more computers to print coupons from, so I could stock up even more!

Tomorrow, I'm headed to Hyvee for several great deals!  I also need to stop by another Super Saver since my normal location was out of a few deals that I need for next week's dinner menu!

I'll leave you with 2 questions for the night:
  1. How many nursing bras will I really need?
  2. Some people use couponing to pay off debt, but how does that work exactly?  Do you keep track of how much you save and then apply that at the end of the month to your debt payments?

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