Monday, May 13, 2013

Productivity Focus: Weekly Goals

One more week done with using weekly goals in an attempt to improve my productivity.  I really need it since the Bean should arrive in about 5 weeks.  

But before I get into this week's goals, let's see how last week's goals went.

Update on Goals for 5/6

1.       Conduct 3 research interviews. - Nope
2.       Complete public policy term paper. - On hold
3.       Transcribe completed interviews. - Nope
4.       Finish grading final projects and final exams.

Wonder Wife-in-Training
5.       Pay off some debt.  Yay!
6.       Change my name to my married name.  (I'm lazy, I know.) - In progress
7.       Donate to Goodwill. - No, but I'm going to hold off until I go through a few more boxes and add to my donation boxes that are filling the backseat of my car.
8.       Continue MSM's Clutter Busting Challenge. Yes!  

9.      Pack the "go" bag for the hospital. - In progress!
10.    Complete 1 planning for baby project - homemade cloth wipes.  I didn't finish the cloth wipes, but instead I washed all of the baby "stuff" in special baby detergent.

Much better than last week!  Whew!

This Week's Goals 

1.       Conduct 2 research interviews. 
2.       Transcribe 2 completed interviews.
3.       Revise draft of major yearly paper. 
4.       Begin organizing for breath review paper.

Wonder Wife-in-Training
5.       Get back on track with my 31-Day Cleaning Routine
6.       Take car into the shop for weird noise.
7.       Continue MSM's Clutter Busting Challenge & drop donations off.


8.      Organize nursery. 
9.      Work on fabric farm animals to apply to nursery walls.
10.    Complete homemade cloth wipes & wash them.
11.    Get inoculated for pertussis.  

How did your weekly goals go?  If you are participating in the 30-Day Clutter Busting Challenge, were you up to the challenge?  

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