Monday, May 27, 2013

Mailbox Magic: Weekly Samples & Freebies

I always think it's like a holiday when I open my mailbox, and there's a package in there!  Freebies and samples are a usually a surprise because, honestly, I usually forget that I signed up for them.  But I only sign up for samples and freebies that I'm sure I will use, so I always know for sure that the packages contains something fun and functional!

This last week was a particularly great week of freebies in my opinion.  Here's the freebie grab from this week (remainder of the Similac package not shown, but there were also two formula samples).  

Thanks +P&G Brand Saver for the baby safety samples, Nature's Bounty for the smoothie shaker, Earthbound Organic for the reusable shopping bag, and Similac for the Simply Smart bottle, formula samples, and coupons!

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