Thursday, May 30, 2013

Productivity Focus: Weekly Goals

It seems to be a usual feeling that I need to learn better productivity skills when I'm writing this post each week.  Not only am I just behind in general, I'm also behind in just updating my goals!  I'm adding a few goals this week like making a daily to-do list based on the weekly goals that will hopefully help me achieve my weekly goals.  My motivation this week will definitely be the constant thought in the back of my mind that the baby could come any time now!  

What is your motivation?

Update on Goals for 5/22

Last weekend my husband was out of town picking up some new-to-us furniture, so I worked really hard to get a lot done around the house, though I'm afraid much of what I accomplished was not on my weekly goals list.  Nonetheless, I was at least somewhat productive!


1.       Conduct 2 research interviews.
2.       Transcribe 2 completed interviews.
3.       Revise draft of major yearly paper. 
4.       Begin organizing for breath review paper.

Wonder Wife-in-Training

5.       Get back on track with my 31-Day Cleaning Routine
6.       Create a freezer meal plan for after the Bean arrives.
7.       Continue MSM's Clutter Busting Challenge.  While I did continue the challenge, I have been rather unsuccessful in the last few weeks.  Trying to finish strong in the next few days!  


8.      Pack the hospital bag (for me). - In progress
9.      Work on fabric farm animals to apply to nursery walls.
10.    Complete homemade cloth wipes; wash them. - On hold until I have a full load of baby stuff to wash

What is not on the list that I did complete was getting the Bean's clothes tucked away in his dresser, organizing the cloth diapers and rest of the changing table, setting up the baby swing, sliding a rocker into the nursery for nighttime feedings, along with finally completing the home organization center in our side entry nook.  

This Week's Goals 


1.       Make progress on major yearly paper.
2.       Send revised draft to advisor.
3.       Continue organizing for breath review paper.   

Wonder Wife-in-Training

4.       Continue my 31-Day Cleaning Routine
5.       Make freezer meal plan for after the Bean arrives.
6.       Finish MSM's Clutter Busting Challenge.
7.       Make a daily to-do list based on these weekly goals.


8.      Finish packing the hospital bag (for me). 
9.      Complete one Bean prep project.
10.    Make sure guest room is ready for Bean's visitors.

How did your weekly goals go?  If you are participating in the 30-Day Clutter Busting Challenge, were you up to the challenge?  

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