Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Meadow

Here in Nebraska, we have had some crazy weather lately.

Just 9 days ago, it was SNOWING!  Then came the rain, and now we are finally getting a few sunny days.  I'm hoping and praying that we don't skip spring and go straight to the hot, humid summer that is typical here.

With the spring rains also comes lawn mowing season.  The grass and weeds have sprouted right up, and my husband mowed the front yard for the first time this year today.

The back yard is a different story.

Our rental house sits on about an acre of land, which means that we have a huge, gigantic yard in the back.  In the past few days, the dandelions and henbit flowers are blooming in abundance.  As I was standing on our balcony looking out over the yard this morning, I was thinking about how we decide if a plant is a weed or not.  Dandelions and henbit are considered weeds, yet as I stood there, I was astonished by the beauty of it all.  Even though the plants are thought to be a nuisance by most, I must admit that I like them, especially in my back yard.

My back yard looks like what I imagine a meadow full of wild flowers looks like.  Just pretty and the definition of spring!

I brought out my brand spanking new camera to try it out.  Tomorrow I'll be going out to take some additional shots (and I'll probably force my puppies to be my photo subjects, which they are not always fans of).

Backyard Meadow

My attempt to capture the beauty and radiance of the spring morning and my own personal meadow was only partially successful.  Somehow it seems impossible to truly capture a moment in a photo.  I wish you could add a scent or a slight breeze to a photograph instead of only capturing an image.


My favorite parts about the yard are the swing (as shown in the photo above) and the sheer size of it.  I love swinging while watching my husband run around and play with our three puppies.  They are actually dogs to be truthful, but they will always be like puppies to me.  The two mini Australian Shepherds like to run, run, run.  Our toy poodle is obsessed with tennis balls.  Not only does she like to chase them when thrown, but she when chases the ball down, she does not like to give it up!!  She will trot all around the yard with a regular-sized tennis ball in her teeny little mouth.  

When the Bean arrives this summer, I'm excited to take him out on walks, even just around our yard.  By next summer or even later this fall, the Bean will be big enough to swing himself, so I will have to find a baby swing to hang on the tree branch or otherwise install in the yard.  (He's already excited about it, too.  I can tell because he is kicking pretty hard as I write this.)

Just musings about life and my beautiful, growing family.  

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