Wednesday, May 29, 2013

{Project Reveal} Entry Nook Home Organization Center

Ever since we moved into our house late last summer, I've wanted to do something fun with the entry nook.  This area is not to be confused with the foyer, instead this is a little nook that is the first thing we see when we enter the house from the side.  As time passed, I realized more and more that the area would make a perfect spot for a organization center for our home beyond having a place to toss the keys on the way in.

The components of our new home organization area are:

DIY Entry Nook1. Weekly calendar pad (like this one)

2. Mail organizer (like this one)

3. Dry erase message board 

4. Key holder

5. Leash hooks (like these)

6. Purse hook (like this one)

The only items I purchased specifically for the project were the calendar pad (on clearance at the university bookstore) and hook for my purse from Target.  I've never had a home for my purse before; I always walk in and set it on a chair, table, counter, or wherever.  Now the hook finally gives my purse a home where it is out of the way and where I will not have to search for it before leaving again. The hook might be my favorite part of the nook!

DIY Entry Nook

DIY Entry Nook

I repainted the leaves of the mail organizer from a copper to several bright colors and silver to match everything else.  The dry erase board is made from a repurposed old frame with fabric from Hobby Lobby instead of a photo.  I use a small planter pot for my key holder; it was originally purchased to be planter, but ended up making a great place to drop my keys, so I've used it that way ever since.

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