Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Clutter Busting Challenge Week #2

During the month of May, Money Saving Mom is challenging readers to a Clutter Busting Challenge.  The challenge is to find 7 things to get rid of each day.  

I've really struggled with the challenge without any specific plan other than to get rid of seven things, so each week I'm devising a more specific plan to accomplish a weekly goal of approximately 50 items.

I finally added the items from the first week (technically a few days before the challenge started, but who's counting?).  The total was 64 items, which actually pretty awesome considering.

This week went much better!  Planning each day for the week definitely made a big difference in both my motivation and my performance.  The overall goal this week was to find a round 50 items to declutter (i.e. trash, donate, or otherwise get rid of).  This week was dedicated to putting the nursery together, and one of the major tasks was to empty one of the dressers from the master bedroom to move to the nursery.  That was a great opportunity to go through everything and downsize.  

Progress in Week #2

I had decided to empty out two drawers per day, for a total of three days, and to review one basement box per day on the rest of the days this week.  I started the week and ended the week with basement boxes.  Truth be told, I ended up emptying the dresser in one session, which made the other two days for that project extra easy.  :-)  

For the most part, I found items to donate this week.  

Basement Boxes
Trash: 3 items
Donate: 2 items

Dresser Downsizing
Trash: various receipts, etc.
Donate: 48 clothing & accessory items

Winter Items Downsizing
Trash: 0 items
Donate: 9 items

Plus, I sold 2 items on Craigslist this week!  That's a grand total of 64 items, which is 14 more than my goal!  

For Week #3 of the Challenge, I have decided to continue planning each day instead of simply finding seven random items.  

The Plan for Week #3

May 14th - 1 basement box
May 15th - 1 basement box
May 16th - DVD sorting
May 17th - 19th Out of town for my sister's college graduation!  Break time!
May 20th - 1 basement box

Since I will be out of town for 3 days this week, I am hoping to declutter 30 items.  

How was your week?  Did you succeed in finding seven items per day to get rid of for the Clutter Busting Challenge?

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