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{Prepping for the Bean} What's in the Baby's Hospital Bag?

The first bag I packed for the hospital was actually the bag for the Bean.  I probably should have packed the Mommy bag first, but honestly, it was more fun to pack for the baby!  As a first-time mother, I decided to acknowledge at the beginning that I was probably going to pack more than we needed, but that I would rather have options and not send my husband home for something (even though we live less than a mile from the hospital).

What's in the Baby's Hospital Bag?

Baby's Hospital Bag


1. Going home outfit(s)

No, the baby won't need four coming home outfits.  Last week, I narrowed the Bean's outfit down to four options.  This week the temperature hit 100 degrees (after snowing 3 inches less than 2 weeks ago).  Somehow I had forgotten how hot and humid it can be during Nebraska summers, which made me rethink my coming home outfits.  

2. Onesies and sleeper

Since I have no idea what the hospital will dress the baby in, I wanted to have a few cute things for him to look adorable in for his very first photos and visitors.  (One of these also may become the coming home outfit if the day is super hot.)

Clothes in Baby's Hospital Bag

3. Shoes

The shoes will go with the coming home outfit.  I'm hoping for the blue shoes because they are the very first thing that I purchased for the Bean when we found out that it was a boy!

What's in Baby's Hospital Bag?

4. Socks

I didn't find socks on many lists online, but it seemed prudent to have a few pairs...just in case.  Plus, they are cute. 

5. Mittens

If his fingernails are long and sharp, we don't want him scratching himself for two days in the hospital.

6. Cap

Even though it will likely be warm outside, the hospital may be cold.  Since babies are unable to regulate their temperature in the same way we can, I want to ensure that he will be comfortable while we are still at the hospital.


7. Receiving blankets

Two light/medium weight receiving blankets.  Again, I don't know what the hospital will provide, so I want to be prepared.

8. Swaddling blanket

We are also taking a super lightweight muslin swaddling blanket in preparation for hot temperatures!

What's in Baby's Hospital Bag?


9. Pacifiers/soothers

The hospital may provide a couple of pacifiers, but I have two MAM newborn pacifiers from a coupon that I had, so we will take these as well.  

10. Nail clippers (not shown)

For his sharp little fingernails!

11. Comb

We don't know what type/texture of hair the Bean will have, but I want him to look handsome from the very start, so a little comb will be tucked into the bag.

I still feel like a kid when I see an aspirator (or a snot thingy), and I think, "Gross!", but it is a must-have item.

What's in Baby's Hospital Bag? 

What's in Baby's Hospital Bag?

13. Newborn diapers

From my research, I've found that hospitals usually provide Size 1 diapers instead of newborn sized diapers.  The bigger size will be fine if the Bean is a big baby, but if not, a few newborn diapers will come in handy.

14. Baby wipes

I also found in my research that some hospital do not use baby wipes and instead use wet paper towels.  Yuck!  That does not sound very gentle on my newborn's butt.  So, I'm taking a few baby wipes along with the diapers.


15. Baby memory book for footprints and handprints

This was the item that was almost forgotten.  When I remembered that I needed to purchase one still, I did some looking online.  There were tons of options online!  But, I wanted to look at every page and browse the book before buying, so I decided not to order online.  Instead, I checked out TJ Maxx, which was recommended to me, Target, and Barnes and Noble.  TJ Maxx was a bust; the store didn't even have a single baby keepsake book.  Target had a couple of options, but they were all jungle themed, which doesn't work for a baby with a farm themed nursery.  Barnes & Noble definitely had the best selection.  I found 3 that I liked ranging from $8 to $35.  

I decided on My Baby Journal, which was $20 in-store (or free with my gift card).

What's in Baby's Hospital Bag?

16. The bag

We can't take any of this stuff without a bag, so I decided to utilize the diaper bag I received from one of my showers.  It is the JJ Cole System Diaper Bag, which I liked because it is cute, but also not so feminine that my husband wouldn't want to carry it.

What's in Baby's Hospital Bag?

17. Carseat

No, the car seat does not fit in the bag, obviously.  But, it is all ready to go!

The printable, downloadable version of the checklist for Baby's Hospital Bag is available here.

Baby's Hospital Bag Checklist

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