Friday, May 31, 2013

{Prepping for the Bean} Freezer Cooking #1: Ground Beef + Printables

Everyone, and I mean everyone, we have talked to has mentioned stalking up on freezer meals for the first month or so after the Bean arrives.  Since we do not have a chest freezer, and only have the freezer space in our side-by-side refrigerator, lots of pre-made, commercial frozen meals seemed like a rather inefficient idea.  Plus, since I'm super frugal and hate spending extra money on the decent frozen dinners, not to mention that they are usually unhealthy as well as mushy.  So, my first freezer cooking adventure began.

I found a local grocery deal on ground beef for $1.98/lb.  The catch was that to get the deal required a 10 lb purchase in one of those gross rolls.  I sucked it up and brought home my giant roll of ground beef.

I started by browning all 10 pounds of ground beef, and from that 10 pounds, I made 3 pounds seasoned with onions, 4 pounds of taco meat, 2 pounds simply seasoned, with 1 pound leftover for spaghetti last night!  

The savings was great, especially compared to buying meals out of the freezer section at the grocery store!  Overall, I spent about $40 on the meat, produce, and a few other items, and was able to find everything else in my stockpile.  

9 lb Ground Beef Freezer Menu

You can find the printables for the grocery list and recipes here:

Preparing for Baby with Freezer Cooking


Freezer Cooking Recipe Reviews

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