Friday, May 24, 2013

Pregnancy Update: 36 Weeks

How Mommy Feels:

Over the weekend, my feet and ankles started to swell even more than last week.  Before I could only tell when I tried to wear my Toms, but it became very noticeable.  I was incredibly self-conscious about it because I was at my sister's graduation party socializing with tons of people.  Honestly, I didn't know my feet could be so big.  Beyond the physical symptoms of clown feet, I'm feeling fantastic!  

How Daddy Feels:

Daddy is motivated.  He has been working hard to finish projects in the nursery and around the house before the Bean arrives.  After visiting friends last weekend with a one-month old baby girl, Daddy is even more excited and ready for the Bean.  He can't wait to try out all of his favorite baby and parenting techniques!   

What the Bean is Doing:

The Bean is still moving quite a bit.  My grandma kept asking me over the weekend if he had dropped yet (and asking me to stand up and turn round and round, so she could assess my belly).  I'm guessing he hasn't really dropped yet, but I can tell that he is still in the head down position.    

Nursery Update:

The dresser is fully painted, and we purchased new drawer pulls for it.  However, it turns out that no retail stores sell "dresser" pulls; they only sell cabinet drawer knobs, which are not the same size.  That meant that we were forced to fill in the old holes and drill new ones before the handles could be attached.  It's finally done though!  Photos coming soon for the big reveal!

Hospital Bag:

In progress.  The Bean's bag is packed!  I still haven't found a small, compact, travel case for wipes.  Even though I'm sure this product exists, apparently places like Target do not carry them.  My bag is partially packed, and I'm debating on some last items that I'm unsure if I'll want and need.  Daddy will be packing his bag soon, and then we will be ready(ish)!

36 Weeks

36 Weeks Pregnancy Update
Me and my "pregnant" cousins

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