Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Clutter Busting Challenge Week #3

Money Saving Mom is challenging readers to a Clutter Busting Challenge in May.  The challenge is to find 7 things to get rid of each day.  

Though I've struggled, my progress so far is:

Week #1 = 64 items
Week #2 = 64 items

Progress in Week #3

This week was pretty much a waste to be honest!  My travel plans changed and I was out of town for 5 and a half days, so very little progress was made.  I did clean out my car, so I got rid of a bunch of trash and reorganized, so I was happy about the progress there, but I failed at the rest of my plan for last week.  Since I didn't get last week's plan done, I've simply moved it to this week.  I'm crossing my fingers that this week will go better! 

The Plan for Week #4

Days 1-6: Go through 1 basement box per day.
Day 7: Declutter and reorganize DVDs.

Goal for Week #4 = 50 items.  

How was your week?  Did you succeed in finding seven items per day to get rid of for the Clutter Busting Challenge?

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